We deliver a service that you can rely on

Moving exams and assessments online has made them cheaper to deliver – but the shift online has created a raft of other problems.

Without robust identity checks, organisations find it difficult to verify that the correct individual is taking the correct test. During online tests it can also be difficult to prevent cheating and third-party assistance. This can damage the integrity of an online qualification.

Why Comprobo is a platform you can rely on

Comprobo is different. Here’s why you can trust us to deliver a service that you can rely on.

Biometric identity verification

Unlike other providers, our identity checks are biometrically-validated against government-issued ID.

Protection against candidate substitution

If the candidate moves away from the screen, you’ll know about it thanks to Comprobo’s advanced facial recognition software.

Record of candidate behaviour

Comprobo tracks and records the behaviour of each test-taker, putting you in full control and giving you peace of mind.

Benefits for the organisation

Product Assurance & Governance

Outsourcing your online assessments to a third-party doesn’t mean losing control. You can integrate Comprobo within your existing infrastructure and stay in control of every test you deliver.

A Better User Experience

We like to keep things simple. Our smooth interface and straightforward software makes test-taking a breeze for your users.

No Install, No Worries

You don’t even have to install any software to start using Comprobo. Simply log-in and start creating your first assessment using our step-by-step guide.

Benefits for the User

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Easier is always better. With Comprobo, your users can take an online assessment or training programme wherever and whenever they want.

Assured Integrity Of Online Qualification

If you can’t assure the integrity of an online qualification, candidates will stay away. Thanks to our stringent identity checks and strict anti-cheating measures, the integrity of a qualification acquired through Comprobo will never be compromised.

No Need To Download Software

Your test-takers don’t need to download anything to start using Comprobo. It is widely accessible on a range of devices. It’s the best way to encourage participation among your employees or students.

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