Comprobo is the adaptable platform that works around you

Whether you’re facing unreliable software, spiralling costs or inflexible exam dates, delivering online assessments and exams can quickly become a stressful process. But it doesn’t need to be.

Comprobo - the adaptable platform

Comprobo is a lightweight and adaptable platform that can be accessed on any device, with candidates able to take tests whenever and wherever they want. It can also be easily integrated within an existing website or app.

Remote test taking

Too often, online assessments are simply traditional exams that have been hurriedly shifted online. Not with Comprobo. Our platform is online-first and built around the user, allowing them to take online tests whenever and wherever they want.

No download required

There’s no need to worry about downloading software that eats up half of your hard drive. Comprobo is a browser-based platform that is lightweight, flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Accessible on a range of devices

When it comes to online tests, accessibility is key. Comprobo works the same whether you’re using a budget smartphone or high-end gaming PC. It has low system requirements that make it easily accessible on a range of devices.

API integrationmade easy

Need to integrate Comprobo within an existing website or app? Easy.

For no extra cost, our in-house development team can guide you through the API integration process from start to finish.

By utilising our product’s API, all the features available on the web interface can be seamlessly integrated into other applications, providing unparalleled versatility and flexibility in embedding functionality.

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