Even if you haven’t quite noticed it yet, AI is everywhere you look. Whether you want it to generate a picture-perfect image, compose exam essays or even write a song in the style of Nick Cave, there’s an AI for that.

And predictably, AI is impacting the world of online assessments too. Here’s how Comprobo are harnessing the power of AI to deliver cutting-edge online assessments.

The use of AI in online exam invigilation.

Whilst AI isn’t quite capable of creating and delivering online exams on its own – well, not yet anyway – it is already being used to good effect within the industry.

And if you’re wondering whether AI is better at facial recognition than humans…well, the results are starting to come in. One major study carried out by the University of Huddersfield found that AI and humans were more or less equal in their ability to recognise faces.

However, the study also found that when humans and AI worked together, the results were better than either could manage on their own. It goes to show the potential value AI can have for online exams.

Some online assessment software, such as Comprobo, uses AI-powered invigilators during a test. If a candidate moves away from the screen, or if a different person enters the screen, the AI invigilator will pick up on it and notify human administrators. Again, it’s that combination of human direction and AI that’s driving up the quality of online assessments.

4 benefits of using AI to deliver online tests.

When it comes to AI in online assessments, it’s important we don’t rely on it too much.

AI still needs human direction, and we reckon the most effective form of invigilation is always going to be AI-powered, but human-directed. Here are the main benefits of using AI as part of your online tests.

1. It’s more affordable

Maybe the most obvious benefit of using AI for your online assessments is that it’s more affordable. Without the costs of hiring a human invigilator and hiring a test centre, you’re saving your business money without risking the quality of your assessment.

2. It protects the integrity of your assessment

If your exam starts producing suspect results then the integrity of your qualification will soon go downhill. So it’s important to protect against that.

By using AI-powered online exam invigilation, you can protect against cheating and protect the integrity of the qualification at the same time.

3. It offers greater flexibility for test-takers

An AI invigilator gives test-takers the freedom to take the test whenever they want. There’s no need to arrange a time slot with a human invigilator or book a test centre on a certain day. That kind of flexibility may also help your candidates to perform better in the test, as they’ll be free from exam anxiety.

4. It protects against human bias

By working together with AI, you can stop human bias from creeping into exam invigilation. Studies have shown that AI systems are now less biased than humans, allowing you to offer effective and bias-free invigilation.

How Comprobo uses AI to deliver online exams.

At Comprobo, we use AI-powered technology to deliver online assessments for education providers, training bodies and other organisations.

And as we’ve mentioned, we believe the key to making the most of AI is by keeping it human-directed. Here’s how we use it in our assessments.

    • We use AI to power our biometric facial recognition. It cross-checks a candidate’s face against the government-issued ID they must upload as part of the identity checks.
    • We also use AI for accurate online invigilation during a test. If, for example, the test-taker moves away from the screen, human admins will be notified by the AI system.
    • Similarly, if a candidate receives third-party assistance during an exam, the Comprobo AI invigilator will pick up on it.

It’s important to add that there will always be a human element in our invigilation systems. Test-takers won’t be automatically barred and cancelled by AI alone – humans will always have the option to review footage and take the necessary action. AI simply raises the flag on suspicious behaviour; hopefully bias-free.

We reckon this combination of AI technology with human direction is the best way of invigilating your next online exam. But then again, maybe we’re biased.

We’re only human after all.